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Looking for a Summer Home Up North?


Yes, Florida is beautiful all year long, but it’s also great to escape the summer heat and experience seasons!  Might I suggest the very beautiful Washington State? Known as the Evergreen state, Washington certainly lives up to its name. The regular light rainfall keeps this state wonderfully green and lush all year long. Despite being known for its rain, Washington’s rain is almost always light (called “sprinkling” by locals) so you rarely need an umbrella! Washington summers are mild compared with Florida and lack Florida’s humidity making it much more bearable. The fall is stunningly beautiful as you’ll enjoy picturesque scenery when the foliage turns a variety of vibrant colors. Late spring, summer, and early fall are great times for a variety of outdoor recreational pursuits, such as hiking and biking. 


When visiting Washington, be sure to look up my sister Daisy Casillas, one of the best real estate brokers in the Pacific Northwest. Although she’s located in Tacoma (30 min south of Seattle), she can find you a lovely summer home in nearly every county in Washington State.


Tell her Vivian sent you! :) 


Daisy Casillas

Washington Real Estate Broker

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